The Benefits of Owning a Homestead Home:

Carefree Lifestyle

asHomestead offers spacious one and two-bedroom, one-level homes with several options to choose from.
asEnjoy the benefits of a home designed with you in a mind - self-cleaning ovens, no-wax floors, spacious closets. Sound resistant construction assures peaceful enjoyment of your home.
asSince you own your home, you can decorate it to your own personal taste.

Financial Benefits

asRetain tax advantages and equity in your Homestead home. Monthly charges are limited by the actual cost of services and maintenance voted on by you, the cooperative member.
asHomestead is owned and controlled by those who live there. Cooperative members, as shareholders, are owners of the building and grounds. They govern its operations through an elected board of directors. Care and concern assure the financial value of your cooperative.

Peace of Mind

asContinue to reside in your community supported by people with demonstrated concern for your well-being. Live in a home designed to meet your needs. A professional manager will coordinate maintenance of your home.
asSecurity features include controlled access entry to the Cooperative. With the turn of a key and without a worry, come and go as you please.
Recreational and Social Activities

asThe community room enhances any social event with the fully equipped kitchen. It provides a large area to entertain family, friends and neighbors.
as For those that enjoy the outdoors, flower and vegetable gardening areas are available
asA guest suite is available for your overnight guests.

Why You Should Plan to Move to Homestead!

  • There will be no walking in rain or on ice to unload the groceries because of the attached community garage.
  • There are NO steps
  • You can keep your piano without disturbing your neighbors. The walls are well insolated.
  • When you want to be gone for a week-end or for two months, you won't have to ask a relative or neighbor to look after your house
  • Taxes, insurance, utilities and building maintenance will be taken care of through a maintenance fee.
  • If you are currently healthy in body and mind now is a good time to thin out your collection of 56+ years and not burden your children with that task.
  • Your children will be relieved to know that you are in a place where you have no responsibility for scooping snow or mowing grass.
  • You can still have a flower garden where you can see it.
  • The home you prefer is available now, it may not be later, no matter how urgently you may desire it.
  • The two-bed guest room with private bath and TV will be much appreciated by your occasional guests
  • When you have a big family gathering you can reserve the big commons room for your use. You can easily seat 24 or more at tables. Use of the kitchen there will make it easier to prepare the big meal.
  • There is plenty of room for indoor walking in the winter.
  • You will have a voice in the operation of Homestead. It is a cooperative. Every home owner is either a member of the board of directors or helps elect them.
  • You look forward to having more years together, but the law of averages tells us the time is limited. What a consolation to know that either of you could continue to live with independence in such worry-free home!